Resilient Hearts will be SHOOTING mostly at City of Hope, 1500 E Duarte Rd, Duarte, CA 91010

(Pull into main drive to hospital and take immediate left after guard shack (you don't have to stop at guard shack). Park in that lot. Walk back to main drive and go left to large fountain. Main lobby is just right of the fountain. We will be in the room directly behind the security desk in lobby. Called the Biller Center room.)
Mid-Shoot Meal always Provided!


(Preperation Day) August 5th-- We had the read-through with most of the actors. Thank you to everyone
that made it a huge success!

(Shoot Day 1) August 6th --Our first full day of shooting was a very productive start as we shot quite a
few scenes with actors:
Niko Vitacco, Mary Barber, Dean LeCrone and Jimmy Sidhu!
A huge thank you to Cast/Crew and hospital extras!

AUGUST 12-13

(Shoot Day 2) August 12th--Another productive day of shooting with actors: Niko Vitacco (Michael Lafata), Rupinder Sidhu (Valerie Howard), Clare Will (Anna Crawford), Megan Martine (Kelly Davis), T.J. Tyler (Oscar), Jillian Calkins (Tiffany Davis), Zadyn Lawrence (Jessie Davis)! And hospital nurse extras!

(Shoot Day 3) August 13th--Right on the heels of the day before we rushed on into another batch of scenes with actors: Niko Vitacco (Michael Lafata), Clare Will (Anna Crawford), Jimmy Sidhu (Adam Styfen), Rupinder Sidhu (Valerie Howard).
We got some amazing dolly shots and filmed in some impressive areas of the hospital!
Plus hospital extras!

Scenes Shot: 45, 39, 38, 22, 20 28, 19, 11, 9

AUGUST 19-20

(Shoot Day 4) August 19th--We are firing on all cylinders now! Shot scenes: 1, 2, 14, 15, 17, 42 and 47. Actors Niko Vitacco (Michael Lafata), Dean LeCrone (Thomas Brownrigg), Clare Will (Anna Crawford),
Jimmy Sidhu (Dr. Adam Styfan).

(Shoot Day 5) August 20th--We shot scenes 7, 8, 10 and 12 with Danny (Shane 4 yrs old) who was fantastic! With actors: Rupinder Sidhu (Valerie Howard), Monique Johnson (April-Danny's Mom), Debbie Archibeque (April's Mom), Shane Zachariah (Danny), Costa Nicholas (Dr. Joshua Little), Niko Vitacco (Michael Lafata).

Scenes Shot: 17, 1, 47, 15, 2, 14, 42, 8, 7, 10, 12

AUGUST 26-27

(Shoot Day 6) August 26th-- We shot scenes 4 and 16. Michael, Astrid, Anna, Valerie, Nicole, Joshua, Olson, Alex, Adam.What a productive day! Everyone was ready to roll!

(Shoot Day 7) August 27th-- Welcome COOPER to the movie! His first scenes! He knocked it out of the park! We shot scenes 34, and 35. We spent a lot of time on scene 35 with Cooper and his family at the large meeting. A very important scene in the movie. And we did it with flying colors! Everyone was fantastic! We also shot scene 34 but we didn't get to scene 24-- but will schedule it on a day that needed another scene added so all is well! Niko Vitacco (Michael Lafata), Lindsey Hutchison (Astrid LeCrone), Clare Will (Anna Crawford), Rupinder Sidhu (Valerie Howard), Athena Demos (Nicole Montclare), Costa Nicholas (Dr. Joshua Little), Scot Huard (Dr. David Olson), David Trejo (Alex), Jimmy Sidhu (Adam Styfen), Craig Callo (Cooper), Megan Martine (Kelly Davis), Sorin Buga (Dracos), T.J. Tyler (Oscar).
This was a picture-wrap for character Dr. Dracos! (Dr. Sorin Boga) Thank you Sorin!

Scenes Shot: 4, 16, 35, 34

SEPTEMBER 2-3 (Not Shooting)
We are NOT shooting over the Labor Day holiday where many of the crew/cast had other plans!

(Shoot Day 8) September 9th--Scenes 5, 27 and 40 right on schedule! Scene 5 with Michael Vitacco as Michael, and extras Deedee, Raju and Tamir! Scene 27 with actors Niko Vitacco (Michael Lafata), Craig Callo (Cooper), Megan Martine (Kelly Davis), Zadyn Lawrence (Jessie Davis). Scene 40 with actors Christine Lei (Dr. Roberts), Niko Vitacco (Michael Lafata), Craig Callo (Cooper), Rupinder Sidhu (Valerie Howard). A wrap for Christine as she was only in this scene! Thanks and a great job!

(Shoot Day 9) September 10th--We planned scenes 6, 18 and 36. We took extra time to get scene 6 just right so had to postpone scene 18. Scene 6 with actors: Niko Vitacco (Michael Lafata), Craig Callo (Cooper), Megan Martine (Kelly Davis), T.J. Tyler (Oscar). Scene 36 with the same actors as scene 6. This will be our
last shoot at the hospital until October 7th.

Scenes Shot: 5, 27, 40, 6, 36

SEPTEMBER 16-17 (Not at City of Hope)

(Shoot Day 10 ) September 16th, scene 32, at Valerie/Paul's house. With actors: Niko Vitacco (Michael Lafata), Rupinder Sidhu (Valerie Howard), Clare Will (Anna Crawford), David Z. Ward (Paul Howard), Kialei and McKenna Winburn (Val's 4 and 7 year old girls). This is the first time we met David Z. Ward--welcome to the cast! We almost got through that long scene! Great job everyone!

(Shoot Day 11) September 17th, completed scene 32, and 31, and 3! Wow! Rolling along! Same cast as day before. We even wrapped up a hour or so early! Good thing as we had to put the house back together! Thanks Lynda Reed for letting us shoot in your home! Now we get a break from shooting till October 7th!

Scenes Shot: 32, 3, 31

SEPTEMBER 23-24 (Not Shooting)

Producers, Writer and Director will be out of the country---so we are NOT shooting this weekend!

SEPTEMBER 30th/OCTOBER 2nd (Not Shooting)
Writer/Director will be out of the country---so we are NOT shooting this weekend!
OCTOBER 7-8 (Not at City of Hope)

(Shoot Days 12 and 13) October 7th and 8th. We shot this weekend both days at the house of Jeanne and Bob Lawrence in San Dimas. Jeanne is the "woman in car" in our movie and we shot her scene. She is a stranger that talks to Valerie out her car window. This was interesting to shoot as just as we were ready firetrucks, ambulance, and fire emergency trucks all pulled up at a house one over and across the street from where we were. We moved off a few houses away from the event, and just as we started again, a neighbor opened and shut her garage door a few times. Then a car pulls up a few more houses down and 5 people all start talking as loud as they could. Anyway, we got the scene done! Whew!

Most all of this weekend was shot in the house-- scene 48 with Niko Vitacco (Michael), Rupinder Sidhu (Valerie), David Z. Ward (Paul), and on Sunday also with Clare Will (Anna). We got it all done (mutiple pages!) and were very happy with the results. Oh, and special note....I (Allen) got to play the pizza delivery dude! Also at lunch we had "lunch and a show"--Niko in red PJ's jumped off the diving board and into their pool! (Yes, I got that on video.)

Scenes Shot: 48, 5B woman in car

OCTOBER 14-15 (At City of Hope)

(Shoot Day 14) October 14th. We shot scene 10B which consisted of Rupinder Sidhu (Valerie) in the hall after Danny died and nurse Yogi is told to go back and tell all of the other nurses. This went very well and so glad that Yogi was available as she is so cute in her girrafe pajamas which is what she wore in the other pajama nurse scenes. Then we shot scene 30 where Niko Vitacco (Michael) goes to tell the nurses about Danny dying and sees they are crying and tries to consol them.

(Shoot Day 15) October 15th. We shot scenes 44 and 43 in Cooper's Room and in the room next to it as a Patient Cubicle room. Craig Callo (Cooper), Niko Vitacco (Michael), Megan Martine (Kelly), Rupinder Sidu (Valerie) and a male nurse Jacob Dubi. All went as schduled and we even had time at the end of the day to sit down and
figure out the schedule for the rest of the shoot days!

Scenes Shot: 10B, 30, Part 1 of INTRO

OCTOBER 21-22 (At City of Hope)

(Shoot Day 16) October 21 Saturday: 46B: Michael, Cooper and Valerie! We stayed right on schedule after a super slow start but still got Scene 46B done. We had to hold off on the very end of that scene till we can get all the actors together again.....Nov 12th! We had to break it into 3 parts as it was!

+ More shots of Michael, Valerie, with hospital extras for the movie part 2 of INTRO. Got lots of background clips around the hospital for the INTRO and what I call B-Roll to use between scenes. B big thank you to the few background actors that showed up!

October 22 Sunday: 46C: Tiffany, Security Guard Ron (As Gary), Michael, Valerie. More shooting of the infamous scene 46 (Will it every get completed? Sure!) The security guard Ron showed up in a police outfit and we said....go for it! So we ended up getting a policeman for this scene after all! Thank you Ron! You got very nervous before your scene but you had Dean LeCrone helping you with your lines! Thanks Dean!

(Shoot Day 17) October 22nd Sunday: Scene 13:
Sunday: Carrying Danny. Valerie, Joshua, April's Mom, April, Danny. This scene was forever to end with a drone shot as if Danny soul had floated up to the heavens....but we went for the easier original idea of Danny being carried out of the hospital to a waiting car. Thank you to Jenia (one of our Executive Producers) for dressing up as the guy waiting for Danny.

Scene 25 (Hallway outside Thomas RM/Thomas RM) Michael, Valerie, Asrtid, Olson, Thomas (Statue). Astrid (Lindsey) was available just long enough for us to get her in this scene after all! We had a full day of deadlines...can we shoot Danny (Shane) before he gets tired of us, can we shoot Astrid (Lindsey) before she has to leave.....somehow we did it and wrapped about one hour early! Thank you all, cast and crew for haning in here for us to get this movie shot! We just have to hold on for 2 more weekends and then the final shoot day Nov 19th!

OCTOBER 28-29 (Not Shooting)
We are NOT shooting this weekend---we needed a break!
NOVEMBER 4-5 (At City of Hope)
(NOTE: Sunday the 5th: Parking will be hard to find till after 2PM due to a 2K race.) But we can still walk in.

(Shoot Day 18) November 4 Saturday: Scene 21: Coopers RM. Cooper, Michael, Anna, Kelly, Nurses, Adam

Scene10A: Hallway after Danny died. Michael in red PJ's, Adam in patient smock

(Shoot Day 19) November 5 Sunday: Scene 46A: Anna, Cooper, Kelly, Valerie, Jessie, Astrid, Oscar

Scene 29: Thomas RM. Michael, Valerie, Paul, Thomas, Joshua, Adam, (Sailors!) (Statue)

We made it and got all of our scenes for Day 18 and 19!!

NOVEMBER 11-12 (At City of Hope)

(Shoot Day 20) November 11 Saturday: Scene 33: EXT Hospital lawn. Wheelchair race.
Cooper, Michael, Kelly, Oscar.......can we get the all-terrain wheelchair in time?

Scene 23: Thomas RM: Michael, Thomas, Adam (Statue)

(Shoot Day 21) November 12th Sunday: Scene 41: Cooper's RM: Cooper, Tiffany, Kelly, Jessie, Oscar

Scene 24: Conference RM. Michael, Valerie, Olson, Alex, Adam

Again we made it! Thank you all! Got all the scenes we needed for shoot days 20 and 21!!

NOVEMBER 19th (At City of Hope)

(Shoot Day 22) LAST SCENE OF THE MOVIE!: November 19th, Survivor Celebration Scene 49:
In the Scene: Michael, Anna,
Valerie, Paul, Olson.
(4:00-PM---Anyone, and everyone can attend! Bring your family we need a crowd!)

A huge thank you to all the cast, crew, volunteers, background actors,
extras that made this last shoot day exactly what we needed!
More details here as it happens!!

Most of the cast and crew (some excaped before this shot) of Resilient Hearts the movie, shot at Cooper Auditorium at City of Hope after last scene was shot!
L to R back row: Derek DP, Taiyo Set Designer, Ron the Policeman, Deedee MUA, Jacob Graphic Artsit, Moique as April, Megan as Kelly holding standup of Craig as Cooper, Erin Script Supervisor, Paul Sound Tech, Dean LeCrone as Thomas, Jillian as Tiffany, Lindsey as Astrid, Niko as Michael, Raju 1st AD, Roquel MUA. Front row L to Right: Jenia Executive Producer, Tamir Executive Producer, Crystal Extra/Helper, Diseree Extra/Helper, Michelle AC, Allen Director, Athena as Nicole, Rupender as Valerie, Clare as Anna, David as Paul, Bonnie Writer, Yogi Exta, and Bella Extra.