Allen Freeman (Director) gets a cameo as the pizza delivery dude! Oct 7th, 2017. Bonnie's Pizza Palace!

Shoot Day 7 (August 27th) We had 13 actors in one scene!! Here is a shot of 11 of them
(not sure where the other two darted off to....)

Left to Right: Dr. Sorin Dracos (Sorin Bugia), Valerie (Rupinder Sidhu), Dr. David Olson (Scott Huard), Dr. Anna Crawford (Clare Will), Pharmacist Alex Trejo (David Trejo), Nicole Montclare the Chaplin (Athena Demos), Astrid LaCrone (Lindsey Hutchison), Kelly Davis (Megan J. Martine), NP Michael Lafata (Niko Vitacco), Cooper Davis (Craig Callo), Oscar Davis (T.J.Tyler). Make-Up by: Patricia Brakeman ©2017 Allen Freeman


August 6th (First full shooting day) Dean LeCrone playing Thomas. DP: Samuel, actor doctors: Niko and Jimmy.
Director, Allen Freeman standing in back.

  Nico as Michael, AD Nikita, Dir Allen, Sound Paul. Photos and face on right above: Jacob Dubi, Set Design/PA.

This is Richard Ferrell a real policeman dancing some hip hop! He will be the Cop in our movie! He recently told me this:

"The chief approved me to use my uniform in the movie. Plus I'll have pink breast cancer patches for one of our officers that survived cancer and received treatment at City of Hope!"